Future of Robotic Automation “Platforms & Processes” in Hospitals - 18 january 2023 (Melle)

Future of Robotic Automation  “Platforms & Processes” in Hospitals - 18 january 2023 (Melle)

Waar? Orsi Academy Proefhoevestraat 12, 9090 Melle

Wanneer? 18.01.2023 tot 18.12.2022

15:30 Welcome Coffee

16:00 Welcome
Pascal Verdonck, Vice-president BVZD/ABDH

16:05 Innovation in robotics
Alexandre Mottrie, Head of the Urological Department, OLV Hospital Aalst and CEO of Orsi Academy
16:25 A remote scanning collaboration platform for medical imaging
Maarten Clinckaert, Business Manager Enterprise Imaging & Reporting at Siemens Healthineers
There are over 100 vacant positions in Belgium for medical imaging technologists, risking bottlenecks for patients and healthcare providers alike when a scan is required. Why not develop an inter-hospital collaboration platform based on a vendor-neutral remote scanning solution to address this issue? Additionally, such remote scanning solution provides expert assistance and the possibility of home-working to the technologists, while it allows hospitals to expand geographic reach, or to provide specialized services within an emerging hospital network.
16:40 Connecting more patients to advanced care with image-guided endovascular  robotics
Dokus Mertens, Head of Portfolio Solution Management - Advanced Therapies & Diagnostic Imaging (BeLux) at Siemens Healthineers
The marriage between medical imaging and robotics opens a complete new era of possibilities. Discover how it can improve clinical pathways, reduce unwanted variations with automation, open barriers with remote robotics.
16:55 More than a Robot…. Medtronic’s value proposition for a Surgical Robotics ecosystem
Karl Van Ginderdeuren, Business Develop Manager Surgical Robotics at Medtronic Belgium
Karen Troch, Strategic Account Manager at Medtronic Belgium

17:25 Align your strategic priorities with your imaging fleet evolution through a Value Partnership
Filip Rommelaere, Head of Digital, Automation and Value Partnerships BeLux at Siemens Healthineers
Thomas Janssens, Value Partnerships Business Manager at Siemens Healthineers
Traditional modality purchasing in Belgium remains both tactical and transactional, whereas the focus in neighboring countries, such as The Netherlands and UK, is more and more on strategic purchasing through Value Partnerships. How would such Value Partnership look like for your hospital? Learn more about how flexibility can be guaranteed, and how such a partnership can help meet KPI’s linked to the strategic positioning of your healthcare institution in an evolving healthcare landscape?

17:40 Building design-building technology
Karl Neyrinck, CEO, EEG Group
18:00 Workshops (duration of each workshop :30 minutes - participants alternate in group)
Workshop 1: 
Hands-on – Soft Tissue
Medtronic wants to show and discuss with you the positioning of robotic platform solutions within the eco-system of a hospital and the importance it provides to healthcare/hospitals and all its stakeholders. During the workshop we will demonstrate the look and feel of what Medtronic’s HUGO™ Surgical Robot and MAZOR X™ Robotic Guiding System for Spine Surgery provides as added value to its users and the value of digital tools and AI for education-planning-execution-follow-up – analysis aligned with the VBHC approach.
Workshop 2:
Experience the next step in delivery of cardiovascular care
Host: Joren Lambrecht, Portfolio Solution Manager - Advanced Therapies at Siemens Healthineers
Curious how robotic cardiovascular therapy delivery looks like?
Experience the technology yourself: Navigate wires in our patient, dilate a balloon, place some stents while being at a remote location. Grasp innovation of tomorrow, today!
19:00 Walking Dinner
Augmented and virtual reality are becoming more present in day-to-day hospital activities
During the walking diner, you can experience the possibilities at the VR-stand.
Improved images guidance during surgery or complete VR planning of your redesigned radiology department, the possibilities are endless.